poniedziałek, 21 maja 2012

Lodz Fashion Week

A small flashback of Lodz Fashion Week.
With my sister Anna and b-friend Nadia I spent a great time there. We did shop and relax in the cozy tea room.
Thanks girls!

we love mini


czwartek, 17 maja 2012

Style Parade

Hey baby!
I invite you to the project, on which my good friend is involved !
Join the site:
and enjoy the shopping!


wtorek, 8 maja 2012

Modern Vintage

Let's play with some old and new things. And so we have: my beloved, I do not know how old but still in a good shape, shirt full of delicate lace and black classic but crazy and original jacket in one scene! Have fun!


niedziela, 6 maja 2012

Warsaw Fashion Weekend in Soho Factory

In the end, after all this time, the technical problems are resolved!!!!!!

Finally, the photo story of some important fashion events for me....

Firstly, good morning Warsaw Fashion Weekend in Soho Factory!

With my best friend Nadia sitting in the first row :)

Welcome Soho!

Converse Fashion Show
music music music!!!

And  The Frock by Kaja Srodka  Fashion Show
some music...

You can find also my picture with an awsome blogger that I meet there, on her blog glamourina.pl , that I recommend A LOT !

Soon I reward you waiting for post & thanks for patience!