poniedziałek, 30 stycznia 2012

Moments in time

There are three such moments in girls life when you dress really counts ...
Wedding, Prom and ... The First  Holy Sacrament :)
Here are retro photos from this last I mentioned:



and from The White Week:

I really like my pictures from my childhood, and now I share them with you!


niedziela, 29 stycznia 2012

Elle Mexico Feb 2012

Anna, Polina & Maxine by Santiago Ruisenor...

All from: http://fashiongonerogue.com/anna-polina-maxine-santiago-ruisenor-elle-mexico-february-2012/

poniedziałek, 23 stycznia 2012

piątek, 20 stycznia 2012

vampire diaries

Whatever anyone thinks ... I am in love with this series :D


more: http://vampirediaries.pl/

czwartek, 19 stycznia 2012

good old times... my prom night

Although the time of my prom was several years ago, I decided to put a few old photos from those good years ... 
Well it is prom time right now so...why not. 
I remember my dress, which was the most beautiful in the world for me and my very eccentric hairstyle - shocking for most of people-  but it's just me & I like it :)


środa, 18 stycznia 2012

first snow

Only when the first snow fell me and my sister went for a long walk ..
My last year's chocolate  jacket  with fake- fur is perfect for such expeditions, because it is comfortable and warm ..
Ania looked a bit more elegant in his sheepskin coat - in my opinion absolutely lovely ..

Soon more winter outfits :)

really cool blog!

Crazy and creative girl with a mass of unconventional ideas...
I recommend , I'm a new fan of her :)



poniedziałek, 16 stycznia 2012

Great Expectations

Today in a network I saw first photos of Helena Bonham Carter from "Great Expectations" - film adaptation of Charles Dickens 'Great Expectations'. Outstanding actress plays the character of creazy Miss Havisham .
I can not wait to see the movie, I have a feeling that it will be another perfect creation of this actress...

Source:   http://www.filmweb.pl/news/FOTO%3A+Helena+Bonham+Carter+w+ekranizacji+%22Wielkich+nadziei%22-79328

Soon, more about this eccentric actress :)

Golden Globes 2012

And the winners are:

More :  http://www.goldenglobes.org/

My best star & also the winner

Meryl Streep
SOURCE: http://www.polskieradio.pl/5/3/Artykul/517960,Zlote-Globy-rozdane-Zaskoczenie

Best outfits in my opinion:

Angelina Jolie - notable for its simplicity and elegance, eye-catching, the most beautiful in my style


And other equally nice to me:

Emma Stone- modest, but perfectly matched to the beauty

Stacy Keibler - Clooney's partner - that song  about the lady in red, is not accidental!

Salma Hayek- just sex sex sex-y

Kate Winslet- always very elegance and femine


piątek, 13 stycznia 2012

Each of us have days when you do not know what to wear ...

Increasingly I like to play with photos, can not be super-professional, but it is funny: P

When I have no idea what to wear, I just take this tunic and the black background....

jewelry from my grandmother - I think always on top .... as a necklace or bracelet